2006.8.16:Hino Contessa from Columbia



Location: COLOMBIA

Purpose: Hino Contessa

Mr Ezawa:

It's so nice to hear from you again. I'm sending some pictures fron my car. I'm looking for a new mechanic to try to repair it, and to read the attached file you sent me before.

Also, I need some ornaments for the front and rear (contessa 1300) and 1 rear (the left one) ligth.

I'll try to e-mail you as soon as I can.

Sincerely yours



Hello Mr. Francisco Parada,

It is very nice to hear your recent situation.

I appreciate sending some pictures about your car this time and it is not so bad condition to repair. And it seems your car is still keeping very original shape and color.

I look forward to hearing more detail by next e-mail.

Also, I would put your picture on my web site as the project at Colombia. As you know from my web site, we see many people are now making an effort to repair their lovely Hino Contessa in several countries.


Satoshi Ezawa (Site Owner)

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