2006.9.30 : New Contessa Parts (900, 1300)


Name: kitchareonpoonsin jirasak

Location: Bangkok Thailand

Purpose: Others

Message: Hi, 

I have a lot of new contessa parts(900,1300).They were in storage for more

than 20 years. 

If you interested,I can sell them to you.

Please give me your email then I will send you some pictures.

Thank you 



Dear kitchareonpoonsin jirasak,

Thanks for your interest about our HinoSamurai.org.

My name is Satoshi Ezawa. I am owner and creator of this site.

It is very interesting information. I do know the exact situation about Hino Contessa both 900 and 1300 in those days.

I am interested in the current situation about Hino Contessa. Also it is very informative if you can tell why those parts are in storage for 20 years.

Please let me know of anything without reserve. I believe we need to talk some for mature the relationship.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Satoshi Ezawa (Site Owner)

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